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Some photos from the ice storm

December 30, 2013

Last weekend a big ice storm blew through our area. This is fairly unusual, and it caused a great deal of havoc for Christmas travellers. The biggest problem, however, was that the ice on the trees caused many branches to break, and the branches fell on power lines, and the power lines broke, and hundreds of thousands of people found themselves shivering in the dark on Christmas Eve.

Although the storm hit our immediate area, there seems to have been relatively little damage — certainly it wasn’t as bad here as it was downtown, where the trees are older and bigger. Anyway, I thought I’d post a few pictures that I took during and after the storm. Being more or less untroubled by the power outages, the main impression the storm left for me was its beauty: all those tree branches coated with ice, like a delicate filigree that shimmers in the light.


To get the car door open, we first tried a blow dryer, but eventually resorted to a hammer and chisel.


This branch is normally about 5 feet off the ground.


The morning after: ice and snow in the treetops.


It couldn’t be better if it was painted on.


In the evening light, the trees look as though they’re made of crystal. This photo doesn’t do them justice.


Another dusting of snow atop the ice.

Yesterday we had a bit of melting, so the heavy branches have had their burdens lifted to some degree. Tomorrow we drop back into the deep freeze, and winter is expected to proceed more or less as usual.