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Forgetfulness of remembrance of times past?

December 30, 2013

Usually at this time of year I write a series of posts reflecting on my favourite books, music, and films of the past twelve months. Probably nobody has been bothered overmuch by my failure to do so this year, but, in any case, let me send this reassurance into the void: I am writing those posts, and I plan to put them up during the first week or two of the new year. They are shaping up quite well, it seems to me.

WordPress commenting problem

June 10, 2012

A faithful friend has brought to my attention the fact that the commenting system on this blog is acting up. If you try to comment, you may get a message saying, “Please log in to post your comment”, like so:

This is odd, because I do not require that people login in order to leave comments:

The problem may only afflict those who either have a WordPress account or have a gravatar.

I am annoyed that this is happening. Unfortunately the free WordPress blogs (like this one) don’t have a help desk to call, so I am not sure what to do. In the meantime a workaround is to enter a false email address (or leave the email address field blank) when leaving a comment.

Sorry for the inconvenience. I am hoping that this is a temporary problem that will resolve itself. Wishful thinking, I know.

A milestone

June 6, 2012

Incidentally, that last post was the 1000th since the launch of All Manner of Thing. It’s a nice milestone. Congratulatory gifts will be gratefully accepted, especially if you can find one or two of these:

Blog changes

May 5, 2011

I have made several minor changes to this blog recently.

First, I added a few new sites to the blogroll: The Chant Café, which is devoted to Catholic liturgical matters, with a special emphasis on music; There Are Real Things, the new blogging forum for friend-of-this-blog Nick Milne and several of his associates; and Mr. Magundi Speaks his Mind, a blog devoted to the bus-stop musings of a cantankerous and canny old man. (Thanks for the tip, Osbert.)

I have also removed Amy Welborn’s blog Via Media because it seems to be dormant. (Does anyone know whether and where Amy is writing these days?)

Finally, I have added two index pages, one which gathers together links to all of my Book Notes and the other which archives the posts in my occasional Great Moments in Opera series. I shall endeavour to keep both up to date, if only for my own convenience. Links to the indices are located in the left-hand sidebar, down near the ‘Search’ box.


February 1, 2011

This year marks the centenary of the first successful attempt to reach the South Pole. In celebration of that achievement, and also because there is a huge storm blowing in today, and because February is dang cold, I hereby declare this month to be “Antarctica Month” here at All Manner of Thing.

Throughout the month I intend to write, as time allows, about the many fascinations of the great southern continent: its geography, wildlife, and especially the history of its exploration. The idea of a ‘theme month’ is something new for me, but I think it is going to be great fun.

I don’t know very much about Antarctica, to be honest, but there it is: big, white, and silent. It seems a shame to simply ignore it.

Gather around, then, and pull up a comfortable block of snow to sit on. Huddle together if you get chilled. Antarctica, here we come.

Fantastic four

January 18, 2011

Today marks four years since the inauguration of All Manner of Thing. If I were President of the United States my term would be finished and I would be campaigning for re-election, but, seeing as I am instead Dictator-in-Chief, I intend to simply carry on as usual.

To celebrate the day, allow me to distribute gifts — in the form of ‘Thank You’s — to everyone who takes the time to visit this weblog. I am well aware that there can be no obligation in such matters. You have my humble and hearty thanks. Special thanks to those who trouble themselves to add their own thoughts to my posts; I really do enjoy reading and responding to comments.

WordPress sent me a “blog health report” at the end of 2010, and All Manner of Thing has a “Wow!” rating, which is evidently intended in a good sense. We had nearly 40 000 visitors in 2010, which is a record.

Onward, then, and maybe also upward! Thanks for reading.

Blogroll changes

March 29, 2010

I have added a new link to my blogroll: This Blog Will Change the World.  It is authored by Osbert Parsley, who, though long dead, continues to hold forth on many interesting topics.  The blog’s byline announces that it exists to “make the world safe for Messiaen, thuribles, and realist metaphysics”.  Amen, amen, and amen.  Check it out.

I have also deleted Alex Ross’ The Rest is Noise because it is now defunct.  Ross has moved to a new blog at The New Yorker called Unquiet Thoughts, and that link has been added.

Blogroll changes

June 3, 2009

Over the past few days I have made several changes to my blogroll:

  • I have updated the links to the two primary blogs at First Things.  They made major site changes recently and the previous links stopped working.  Their main blog can now be found at First Thoughts, and their ‘daily article’ at On the Square.  They have also begun hosting several other popular blogs covering their basic beat, including Spengler and Wesley J. Smith’s Secondhand Smoke.  But I don’t link to those from my blogroll.
  • The link to Amy Welborn’s blog, previously Charlotte was Both, now Via Media, has been updated.
  • I removed the link to J.H. Bowden’s Thoughts, Books, and Philosophy because J.H. Bowden removed the blog to which I was linking.  I also removed Geoffrey Chaucer hath a Blog.  Time was when this was one of the funniest blog around, but it has changed management and fallen on hard times.
  • I have added two new links. I’ve been reading Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine for a few months now, and recommend it to everyone.  Posts to Armarium Magnum, a blog which focuses on ancient and medieval history, are not frequent, but they are usually informative and worth reading.

Book Note backlog

February 11, 2009

Sometimes I post my Book Notes immediately after writing them, but sometimes I sit on them for a while, letting them ripen.  (Occasionally they turn rotten and are thrown to the dogs.)  At the moment I’m sitting on a stack, and I think the time has come to clear them out.  Instead of posting roughly one per week, as has been my practice of late, I’m going to begin posting two per week.  I’ll probably keep it up for a couple of months.

Needless administrative announcements are exciting, are they not?

What’s New? You’re looking at it.

February 19, 2007

For the past few weeks I’ve been dithering over whether to abandon my existing pages in favour of this easier-to-manage web log. Today I’ve decided that rather than have this web log replace my entire site, I’ll just have it replace the ‘What’s New?’ portion of my site. This seems a good compromise. Accordingly, I’ve added an automatic redirect that brings you here.


My home page can still be accessed, of course.

UPDATE: The previous contents of my ‘What’s New?’ page can be accessed here.