Josquin in Montréal

February 22, 2021

This year, as I’ve noted before, is a Josquin anniversary year. A few days ago I went fishing on YouTube for performances of his music, and I found this from a hometown team: Le studio de musique ancienne de Montréal singing his five-voice setting of Ave verum corpus [score]This is quiet, contemplative music, and if you’ve got seven minutes to spare I highly recommend it. It’s a sensitive and beautiful performance, gorgeously sung.

4 Responses to “Josquin in Montréal”

  1. Rob G Says:

    Beautiful — typifies exactly what I love about Josquin!

    I’ve often wondered what it would sound like if choral polyphony were transcribed for strings. A composer friend told me that a few 20th century composers had written polyphonic pieces, but I have not seen any attempts at transcription of actual Renaissance works. What would this piece sound like if done by a small string orchestra, for instance? I’ve seen some done for small forces, like quartets and trios, but once instrument per voice doesn’t have the power that a multi-voice choir does.

  2. Rob G Says:

    Interesting. The Stokowski arrangement makes it sound like a Baroque adagio.

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