Weinberg: two things

February 13, 2019

This week my Weinberg listening project has been focused on music from 1946. This was a difficult time for him, as much of his family had been killed in the war. But the music, which included his clarinet sonata, second symphony, and third piano sonata, is wonderful.

Here’s something cute. In this year he published 21 Easy Pieces for piano. In this video the first, “Merry March”, is played by a talented youngster named Julia:

And here is something more elaborate: the adagio movement from his Symphony No.2:

2 Responses to “Weinberg: two things”

  1. blah deBlah Says:

    Every now and again it’s nice to take a break from practicing ’70’s rock and blues covers to appreciate how the other half lives, as it were.

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