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November 8, 2018
  • We are in a Debussy centenary year, and Alex Ross explains why he is such an original and wonderful composer.
  • For the Feast of All Souls, Fr Rutler praises the music of Edward Elgar, and especially his Dream of Gerontius.
  • (Speaking of Fr Rutler, I cannot resist linking to an earlier column in which he touches on a teapot-tempest at the Vatican. I’ve tried to steer mostly clear of Vatican controversies in this space, but Fr Rutler’s wit is too good to miss.)
  • In FORMA, Sean Johnson writes a thoughtful appreciation of Chesterton’s Father Brown stories.
  • Peter Hitchens pens a wry review of John Gray’s recent book Seven Types of Atheism, which, despite Hitchens’ sallies, sounds pretty good.
  • If you’re a reader, I’ll wager you’ll enjoy reading Joseph Epstein’s winsome account of his own bookish life.
  • While on the topic of books: I have huge tsundoku. Hmmm. I think we need another word for it.
  • Academic hoaxes are excellent — both entertaining and instructive — and a brave trio of youngsters have perpetrated a doozie against what they call “Grievance Studies” journals. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry.

For a musical envoi, here is Elgar’s “Praise to the Holiest”, from The Dream of Gerontius:

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