In memoriam Josquin Desprez

August 27, 2017

Today is a good day to remember Josquin Desprez, who died on this date 496 years ago. Here is a video I made a few years ago to go along with one of my favourite of his pieces,  Mente tota (more background here).

Incidentally, I’m pretty proud of that video. The closing section, from about 3:10, turned out especially well.

And, since we are remembering Josquin today and not just celebrating him, here is the opening section of Jean Richafort’s impossibly gorgeous Requiem in memoriam Josquin Desprez:

2 Responses to “In memoriam Josquin Desprez”

  1. Aaron James Says:

    Thank you for this – I am terrible at remembering dates, and so I had no idea that this was today. If I had realized, maybe we would have sung some Josquin at Vespers this evening (instead we had a motet by Gaspar van Weerbeke, an older contemporary of Josquin’s who worked in Milan). Josquin is on the menu, though, for next week (Tu pauperum refugium).

  2. cburrell Says:

    I’ve got to find a way to get down to Vespers or Mass one of these weekends. It sounds heavenly. In lieu of personal attendance, I’ve just listened to that Josquin motet, and it’s lovely. The choir down there must be a pretty crack group of singers.

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