Lecture night: On Flannery O’Connor

May 10, 2017

Tonight’s lecture is on the life and work of Miss Flannery O’Connor. This is well-travelled territory, you might think, but the lecturer, Steve Ayers, speaks with such understanding and appreciation that I was enchanted throughout, and he does so in a down-to-earth manner that I think would have pleased her. The lecture is roughly one hour in duration. Excuse me, I have to go tend my pea-chickens.

Steve Ayers also has given a very good lecture on Gerard Manley Hopkins.

3 Responses to “Lecture night: On Flannery O’Connor”

  1. Andrew Lim Says:

    Hi, I read in several places that Steve Ayers is remembered fondly for his captivating delivery of the life of G.K. Chesterton in the Authenticum Lectures. I have tried to search for this lecture in vain. I wonder if you will be able to point me to it? Thank you very much.


  2. dksgf Says:

    Bo Jackson?

  3. dksgf Says:

    Luckily, she died before things got *really* bad.

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