♪ ♫ Have yourself a very little Schoenberg ♬

December 23, 2015

Doing my best to avoid “dangerous and disgusting habits”, I am sticking with Advent music for another few days. Here is a nice discovery: “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming” arranged by, of all people, Arnold Schoenberg.

(Hat-tip: Ivan Hewett)

5 Responses to “♪ ♫ Have yourself a very little Schoenberg ♬”

  1. Janet Says:

    I have actually managed to be very successful in avoiding these habits this year. A first. It may be because I have no friends.


  2. cburrell Says:

    You’ve got a friend in me, Janet.

    If it weren’t still Advent I’d wish you a Merry Christmas!

    • Janet Says:

      Well, thank you and likewise, but I figured there was very little chance that you would invite me to a party. 😉

      I do actually have some friends. I was just trying to be dramatic or something. And I did go out to dinner with some people Sunday, but I didn’t know it was a Christmas thing until I got there.


  3. Janet Says:

    One thing I’m happy about is that I have actually been invited to a Christmas party AFTER Christmas Day. That might be a first. The problem with not celebrating before is that by the time you are ready to celebrate, everyone else is tired of it.


  4. cburrell Says:

    Yes, that’s true. People think you’re unusually enthusiastic about Christmas if you are still celebrating afterwards.

    We usually host a New Years Eve party — sorry, a Party Within the Octave of the Nativity — and we play Christmas music at that.

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