Warm below the storm

May 25, 2014

I haven’t said much, as yet, about the progress of my pop music odyssey, which is now in its third month. This week it brought me to 1969 and Abbey Road. I’m going to take a minority position and say that this song might well be my favourite by the Beatles:

7 Responses to “Warm below the storm”

  1. The term “minority” is technically accurate but doesn’t quite do justice to that view. It may well be unique.

  2. cburrell Says:

    So you’re saying that you don’t share my view?

  3. I don’t. On the basis of this song, I would even say that the Venn diagrams of our Beatles preferences should be on separate sheets of paper in order to illustrate appropriately the difference between them.

    No, really, I understand, it’s just a silly little song and doesn’t deserve to be disliked so strongly. But it’s always gotten on my nerves. Though “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” annoys me even more.

  4. cburrell Says:

    Its silliness is part of what I like about it. The Beatles are at their best, I think, when there’s a bit of whimsy in the music. Arguably, this song doesn’t so much have “a bit” of whimsy as a big greasy dollop of it, but what can I say? It’s been in my head for nearly a week now, and I can’t get rid of it.

    Having said that, I also have to admit that I am, apparently, not in the target audience for the Beatles. I like some of their music well enough, but little of it really excites me. For the most part, I can take them or leave them. Nobody’s perfect.

  5. Janet Says:

    There’s just something about having been a teenage girl in the 60s. 😉

  6. I’m not all that zealous a fan, comparatively speaking, but I think their best stuff is still among the best, period. It isn’t only nostalgic baby-boomers sustaining the interest in them.:-)

    “Yellow Submarine” was the only one of their out-and-out whimsical songs that I ever liked much. It was definitely an artifact of the period, though–that relatively brief moment of sheer fun in the middle of the ’60s.

    • Janet Says:

      I think it’s specifically having been a girl at that time. The whole Beatles experience is so intricately wrapped up with my 8th-10th grade life, and less so but still partially into college, that I find it hard to make any kind of judgement about whether or not they are good musically. Of course, I know some are trite, and I dislike some of the later stuff, but for the most part, it’s all just part of a whole. I don’t think it’s exactly nostalgia. I’m too tired to put a label on it at the moment.

      Re YS and “that relatively brief moment of sheer fun…” Yes, that’s exactly it. And it’s a very earworm-y kind of song.


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