How not to promote classical music

April 22, 2014

Dvorak’s “New World” symphony gets the MTV treatment. I can’t actually recommend that anyone watch this.

(Hat-tip: Booty shake: The Music Salon)

7 Responses to “How not to promote classical music”

  1. You know, you don’t *really* have to include *all* manner of thing here . . .

  2. cburrell Says:

    Well put, Tracy, well put…

  3. Janet Says:

    Yes, you need to write a new post very soon. 😉


  4. cburrell Says:

    I know I do. I am working on it!

  5. I just had to click on it. And about ten seconds in I thought “Do you want these images associated with this music in your mind forever?” and killed it in a panic.

    Surely it wasn’t seriously intended to promote classical music?

  6. cburrell Says:

    Well done, Maclin. I confess I watched nearly a minute of it.

    Though it seems incredible, the video has apparently been made in good faith. I read that it is “the first” in what the makers apparently intend should be a series of videos “celebrating” classical music. And, I ask you, what says “celebration” better than gyrating hips and slow-motion tosses of hair? I think the question answers itself.

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