Lenten reading: Traherne II

March 27, 2014

They in Heaven prize blessings when they have them. They in Earth when they have them prize them not. They in Hell prize them when they have them not.

— Thomas Traherne, Centuries I.46.

7 Responses to “Lenten reading: Traherne II”

  1. Janet Says:

    It took me a minute to wrap my brain around that.

    I hope you are doing better. I have this picture of you, wan and pale, hacking away, and reading Traherne.


  2. cburrell Says:

    Wan and pale, yes, but thankfully no hacking. Coughing, hiccuping, and yawning have all been especially painful, but I have been able to avoid them for the most part. It turns out that if you’re desperate enough, you can stop a yawn mid-way. As I said on your blog, I’m feeling much better now. I just have to take it easy.

    I’ve been reading Traherne, Cervantes, and Boswell, so that’s been nice.

    • Janet Says:

      Yes. That’s CSL’s favorite day–sick enough to not work but not too sick to read. Then again, he didn’t have two children.


  3. cburrell Says:

    I thought of CSL during my convalescence. Not only did he not have two kids, but he didn’t have two sick kids. (Though they were not as sick as me.)

  4. cburrell Says:

    Yes, much better now; thanks. We’re all about ready for winter to be over.

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