Musical anniversaries in 2014

January 5, 2014

Every year I like to survey the major composer-related anniversaries that the upcoming year has in store. There’s a fairly comprehensive list here. (Thanks again, Osbert.)  The ones which I am likely to observe in one way or another are:


550 years

  • Robert Fayrfax (1464–1521) [23 April]

300 years

  • C.P.E. Bach (1714–1788) [8 March]
  • Christoph Willibald von Gluck (1714–1787) [2 July]

150 years

  • Richard Strauss (1864–1949) [11 June]


450 years

  • Pierre de Manchicourt (1510–1564) [5 November]

250 years

  • Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683–1764) [12 September]

It’s a pretty minor set of anniversaries, especially compared to last year. The biggest one is probably Strauss’, but even that is only a sesquicentennial. Still, I’m planning to make a survey of his major operas, some of which I’ve never heard. I feel like I should know the music of Gluck and Rameau better than I do, so perhaps these anniversaries will spur me on.

Happy listening!

3 Responses to “Musical anniversaries in 2014”

  1. Osbert Parsley Says:

    You’re welcome! I knew about the Strauss and CPE Bach anniversary years but hadn’t browsed through the complete list. It is definitely slim pickings this year, but there are some interesting composers with 2014 anniversaries: among those you didn’t mention, I would point out three wonderful late Renaissance composers: Hans Leo Hassler, Pierre de Manchicourt, and the madrigalist Giovanni de Macque. Thomas Attwood Walmisley has an immortal place in history as the composer of two or three standard Anglican service settings. I am also a fan of the symphonies of Andrzej Panufnik, whose centenary is this year. A couple of Baroque composers with 2014 anniversaries are known mostly to organists (Homilius and Tunder). It was also interesting to see the names of Johann Mattheson and Charles Burney, neither of whom are primarily composers (Mattheson was primarily a theorist and Burney was a music historian).

    Hope that you are well – best wishes to you and your family in 2014!

  2. cburrell Says:

    Best wishes to you too, Osbert! Thanks for the pointers. I’ve never heard any of Panufnik’s music, but I know I can get those symphonies inexpensively on eMusic; perhaps I will do that. I feel that I ought to be interested in Hassler, but somehow his music has never made much of an appeal to me. I’ve never heard of Macque or Walmisley!

  3. Osbert Parsley Says:

    Walmisley is a pretty obscure figure except for his Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in D minor, which are standard repertory pieces and very effective. I know some organ pieces by Macque, but the madrigals (supposedly influenced by Gesualdo) are uncharted territory; I hope to hear some of them in 2014.

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