Worlds collide: Google Scholar and pop culture

December 3, 2013

This is frivolous, admittedly. Here are the top (non-book) search results in Google Scholar for a set of decidedly non-scholarly search terms:

George Clooney: Arctic ice, George Clooney, lipstick on a pig, and insomniac fruit flies: Combining KD and M&S for predictive analysis

Brad Pitt: Cherry pit primes Brad Pitt: Homophone priming effects on young and older adults’ production of proper names

The Hobbit: The HOBBIT gene is required for formation of the root meristem in the Arabidopsis embryo

It’s not surprising that papers with the search term in the title top the search results — though perhaps it is surprising to find papers with those terms in the titles. Here are a few others where the connection between search term and result is more tenuous:

Taylor Swift: Effects of combination lipid therapy in type 2 diabetes mellitus

U2: Tissue-specific in vitro transcription from the mouse albumin promoter

Leonard Cohen: Histones of Drosophila embryos Electrophoretic isolation and structural studies

Bob Dylan: The RDF-3X engine for scalable management of RDF data

Van Morrison: Formation of dense partonic matter in relativistic nucleus–nucleus collisions at RHIC: Experimental evaluation by the PHENIX Collaboration

This is quite fun, though there is no doubt that I should be making better use of my time.

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