Easter bustle

April 3, 2013

One or two people may have noticed that things have been a little quiet around here of late. This is because things have not been quiet elsewhere, and I’ve had little to no leisure.

I have been learning that selling a house is an all-consuming activity. We were advised to “de-clutter” prior to listing the house, and so, after several weeks of sorting and sifting and packing, this past weekend we moved a fair bit of furniture and about 80 boxes out of the house and into storage. I am still trying to understand the mindset of people who consider books to be “clutter”.

With that out of the way, we turn our attention to little matters like painting, scrubbing, staining, fixing, and generally beautifying the place. It’s a lovely house, and I can’t see why someone shouldn’t want it. But it will be even lovelier when we’re through. I hope.

Did I mention that the only time I have to do any of this work is when I should be in bed?

In the middle of all this was Easter: Happy Easter! It was the tenth anniversary of my reception into the Catholic Church, and I had really been looking forward to it. It turned out to be the worst Triduum that I can remember: we had to leave the Holy Thursday Mass early because the kids were crazed, we were terribly late for the Good Friday service, and I even missed the start of the Vigil Mass (which, if you’ve never been, is the best part). Between times, when I would normally want to think about Easter, I was instead thinking about boxes and tape and cleaning supplies and when I went to the church it felt as though I had parachuted in from another realm.

But there was much to be thankful for, all the same. Our wonderful priests, who delivered some of the most thoughtful and provoking homilies that I can ever remember hearing, celebrated all of the Triduum liturgies with great beauty and solemnity. Being there was a balm. We really are blessed to have found our parish (and now, of course, we will really miss it). We are thankful for friends and family who, in the middle of all of this exhausting activity, are lending a hand when and where they can. Mostly we’re just thankful for Easter.

Happy Easter!

9 Responses to “Easter bustle”

  1. Janet Cupo Says:

    Well, Happy Easter anyway!

    Are you moving so far away that you won’t be able to go to your parish? Another city?


  2. cburrell Says:

    Technically, yes, it will be another city, although it will still be part of the same vast urban area — about 40 km (or 25 miles) away. That’s a lot further in a jammed-up city than it is in more pleasant environs, so coming down to the same parish would be challenging. Not totally impossible though.

    Happy Easter to you too!

  3. Janet Cupo Says:

    That’s too bad. I hope you find a good parish.

    A friend of mine who helped us move down here said, at the end of the day, “Janet, for someone who is so detached, you sure have a lot of stuff.” Of course, it was almost all books.


  4. cburrell Says:

    We received very similar comments — and with good reason!

  5. Judy Burrell Says:

    Love this Craig.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Happy 10 year anniversary Craig!! It is bound to be one that goes down in the history books, not just for being an anniversary, but for being an Easter marked with so much transition! May you be truly refreshed by the sleep you do get 🙂

  7. cburrell Says:

    Thanks, everyone.

  8. Happy Easter! and congratulations on that anniversary. And good luck with all that craziness involved with moving. Last time we moved was 21 years ago and I said I would never do it again (before the transition to the long home, I mean). So far so good.

  9. cburrell Says:

    Thanks, Mac.

    I just tallied the number of places I have lived in the same period (since 1992), and I came up with sixteen. Even I am surprised!

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