Chesterton, master of rejuvenation

June 12, 2012

For some time I have been meaning to link to a good essay on Chesterton that appeared last year in The New Criterion.  Roger Kimball has an impressive grasp of the shape and scope of Chesterton’s life and work, and the essay serves as a sound, mostly admiring introduction to the man. Given that our Chesterton mini-festival is quickly drawing to a close, there is no time like the present:

With billowing cape and wide-brimmed hat, brandishing a sword stick and often sporting a pistol from his pocket as he strode up and down his beloved Fleet Street, Chesterton cut a figure as imposing as one of his famous epigrams.

Read the whole thing.

One Response to “Chesterton, master of rejuvenation”

  1. Mac Says:

    I, too, had meant to post about this when it came out. I seem to remember having some sort of reservation about it, but now I can’t remember what it was. Something to do with politics and/or economics, most likely. I’ll read it again.

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