Blog changes

May 5, 2011

I have made several minor changes to this blog recently.

First, I added a few new sites to the blogroll: The Chant Café, which is devoted to Catholic liturgical matters, with a special emphasis on music; There Are Real Things, the new blogging forum for friend-of-this-blog Nick Milne and several of his associates; and Mr. Magundi Speaks his Mind, a blog devoted to the bus-stop musings of a cantankerous and canny old man. (Thanks for the tip, Osbert.)

I have also removed Amy Welborn’s blog Via Media because it seems to be dormant. (Does anyone know whether and where Amy is writing these days?)

Finally, I have added two index pages, one which gathers together links to all of my Book Notes and the other which archives the posts in my occasional Great Moments in Opera series. I shall endeavour to keep both up to date, if only for my own convenience. Links to the indices are located in the left-hand sidebar, down near the ‘Search’ box.

2 Responses to “Blog changes”

  1. Mac Says:

    Amy Welborn is at her old blog, Charlotte Was Both again. For a long time after the death of her husband, she didn’t blog much, not surprisingly, but she seems to be doing more now. There are several good posts there about the Alabama tornadoes (she lives in Birmingham).

  2. cburrell Says:

    Thanks, Mac. I’ll put Charlotte Was Both back on my blogroll.

    It’s funny: I clicked through to see her blog, and was greeted by a post announcing that she’s started another blog: Booked. This new one is going to be devoted to travel-related blogging; I gather she has been doing a lot of travelling lately.

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