A very poorly conceived concept album

August 24, 2010

7 Responses to “A very poorly conceived concept album”

  1. Tracy S. Altman Says:

    A friend suggests this follow-up project: “Lubomir Brabec: Let’s Dance to Schoenberg!”

    • cburrell Says:

      That’s funny, because one really cannot dance to Schoenberg (‘Schoenberg Sing-Along!’ would be absurd for a similar reason.) With this Bach recording, on the other hand, it’s not as though there’s anything about Bach and the Antarctic that are incompatible, it’s just that … why?!?

      • Tracy S. Altman Says:

        Nice distinction! On the other hand, though, ANYTHING with Schoenberg . . . why?!?

  2. Adam Hincks Says:

    Hey, there are a lot of lonely people wintering over in the Antarctic. I’m sure they appreciate a little music now and then.

  3. cburrell Says:

    Answer me this, Adam: How can they be lonely if there are a lot of them?

    Tracy, I take your point, though Verklärte Nacht and Gurre-Lieder are not too bad. (Still, one cannot dance to them.)

  4. Adam Hincks Says:

    Many are socially inept.

  5. cburrell Says:

    I am not surprised.

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