Sunday night moving song

June 27, 2010

We’re moving this week, and I’ve been spending more or less every spare hour these past weeks packing boxes.  Boxes.  Boxes piled in the living room.  Boxes under the table.  Boxes stacked up in the closet, and beside the bed.  Boxes half-full and gaping open, ready for our wee one to drop something inappropriate inside.  Boxes, boxes, boxes.  I really do not like moving.

When I move to the sky
Up in heaven so high
What a wonderful time that will be
I’m ready to go
Washed in Calvary’s flow
That will be the last move for me

On the other hand, our new place is going to be great once we’re there.  Until then, wish us well.

2 Responses to “Sunday night moving song”

  1. Janet Cupo Says:

    Good luck! Hope things go smoothly.


  2. Christina A. Says:

    I like this song.

    For the sheer entertainment of watching an American’s stupor at the thought of living with less, you have to watch this clip of Oprah in Denmark.
    She could not believe that a family of five could live comfortably in such a small apartment with so little crap.
    (I am doubtful that this was truly a “typical” home as the husband is an award winning architect!)

    The final comment the Danes on their lifestyle: “Less space, less stuff, more life.” – I try to remember this every time I buy something or consider an item for the goodwill pile.

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