Quiet time

June 6, 2010

Things have been quiet around here for the past 10 days or so, and that is likely to continue for a few more weeks.  The reasons are various, but the principal reason is that my computer at home, while not quite dead yet, is clearly not long for this world.  It has trouble booting; when it does boot, it forgets how to connect to the internet; soon it freezes up and demands a reboot.  It is pretty much useless.  More about that later, perhaps.

The upshot is that I have no reliable means to access this blog, or my email, or much of anything.  This is actually okay, because I have no time for those things either.  Some readers will know that our family is going to be moving in a few weeks, and every spare moment is occupied with stuffing one thing or another into boxes.  Wish us luck.

10 Responses to “Quiet time”

  1. Christina A. Says:

    Maybe the Old Bag will be one less item to pack…

  2. cburrell Says:

    I do not know if you are talking about my wife or my child, but I assure you that such language is quite inappropriate.

  3. Christina A. Says:

    NO! I was referring to the computer!!!

    You KNOW I love your wife and child and would never say something like that!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Good luck. How I hate to move…

  5. Mac Says:

    Previous comment was me–I forgot that I’m using a different browser that didn’t have my info remembered.

  6. cburrell Says:

    Thanks for the clarification, Christina. I have never referred to my computer as Old Bag before, but I am going to start now. Of course, that will oblige me to come up with new nicknames for my wife and child…

    Thanks, Mac. I hate to move too, but the new place will, we hope, be quite a lot better than the current place. And we are making the transition from renters to owners, which is pretty exciting in its own right.

  7. KathyB Says:

    Just make sure you don’t pack either your wife or your child into any of those boxes you are stuffing.

  8. Jim Says:

    I don’t think we need worry about that, Kathy, I can’t imagine any of the personages in question being contained for long by mere cardboard.

  9. maureen Says:

    As I am currently surrounded by the debris of a demi-move (long story), I’m feeling dis-location, and a vague anxiety.

    Yet, how wonderful to have a place for your family to call it’s own. Best wishes!

  10. cburrell Says:

    Best wishes to you as well, Maureen. Our house is half-full of boxes now, and I expect we’ll be like this for another month or so, both here and at the new place.

    Jim, our little one climbed into a box and sat down, but we noticed before sealing it up.

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