Sweet victory

March 1, 2010

Last week I wrote a post in which I lamented the poor performance of Canada’s Olympic men’s hockey team, and, more generally, cast aspersions at the “Own the Podium” program which was supposed to make us the winning-est country at these games.  Today I get to eat crow.

The men’s hockey final yesterday was a nail-biter, but it had a happy conclusion: team USA died a sudden death at the hands of our young phenom Sidney Crosby.  Crosby had been silent for much of the tournament, but he certainly knew when to speak up.  The Americans played a valiant game, tying the score in the dying seconds and sending it to a white-knuckled overtime period, and they deserve a lot of credit.  Still, I am happy that we won.

I watched the game online in real-time (or, as I found out, in “real-time”).  To the extent that I have watched any events in these games, I have watched them online, but watching this game was different in several respects.  First, as the game progressed the quality deteriorated until, by the time the overtime period began, it was like watching a fuzzy, low-budget, stop-animation film.  I assume this was due to high demand on their servers, and it was quite amusing.  Second, evidently the “live” internet feed lags several minutes behind the live television feed.   My game-watching was interrupted several times by shouts and cheers and the clanging of cow-bells from neighbouring apartments.  Then, a few minutes later, Canada would score.  This took some of the suspense out of the game but it was also amusing.

As for the “Own the Podium” program, Canada did not win the highest number of medals — that honour went to the USA — but we did win the highest number of gold medals, and we came in third place in the overall medal standings, which is certainly very respectable.  Congratulations to all our athletes!  It was an exciting few weeks in this sleepy northern land.

UPDATE: When the big hockey game was over, I put our little one to bed and then curled up myself, unaware that our nation’s cities were being flooded with festive celebrations.  Nick Milne fills in some of the details.

2 Responses to “Sweet victory”

  1. MamasBoy Says:

    Congrats on the hockey win. Not the preferred outcome from this yankee’s pov, but it was a good game and Canada played well, definitely earning the win.

  2. cburrell Says:

    Thanks very much. Your team was a worthy opponent — nothing to be ashamed of there.

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