Live through this

January 22, 2010

Eve Tushnet has a good essay this week at Inside Catholic.  She writes to disagree with the idea that the Church is principally there to provide answers to our questions.  Normally I haven’t much patience with those who downplay the importance of answers to life’s persistent questions — those who say that it is the journey, and not the destination, that matters, and so forth — but she is only apparently doing that.  In fact she’s making a different point: the Church is there to replace our questions with better ones.  In so doing, the Church teaches us, and transforms us, at a deeper level than we were expecting.

And the Church can also be the lock for your key, the interpretive community that opens up the world. I still remember how it felt. I knew there was some sharp cruel distance between myself and the world around me. Then I found that the Catholic Church was where I turned in the lock, where I turned upside down, and the world unlocked around me.

That’s a better description of my own experience than I have ever been able to come up with myself.

Thanks to Maclin Horton for drawing my attention to this essay.

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