On the spirit of the liturgy

January 7, 2010

This evening I have spent some time reading an address given yesterday in Rome by Msgr. Guido Marini, the Pontifical Master of Liturgical Ceremonies at the Vatican.  It is an excellent speech about “the spirit of the liturgy”, using Pope Benedict’s book on that theme as a launching point, and touching on a variety of relevant topics: the nature of Catholic liturgy, the importance of Eucharistic adoration, the role of liturgical music, and others.

I am impressed by both the tone and the content of the address.  It gently but firmly reminds us that the liturgy is a great mystery, in which God meets us, and we Him, and that this orientation to the transcendent must always be defended and encouraged:

The liturgy is a gift which precedes us, a precious treasure which has been delivered by the age-old prayer of the Church, the place in which the faith has found its form in time and its expression in prayer. It is not made available to us in order to be subjected to our personal interpretation; rather, the liturgy is made available so as to be fully at the disposal of all, yesterday just as today and also tomorrow.

I sincerely recommend the entire address to those who care about such things.

(Hat-tip: NLM by way of Ignatius Insight)

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