Jogues Chant

January 5, 2010

I have recently discovered a great site called Jogues Chant.  Named for St. Isaac Jogues, one of the North American Jesuit martyrs, and run by a group called Corpus Christi Watershed, the site is evidently intended to encourage Catholic parishes to incorporate Gregorian chant into their liturgies.

I believe that one — and, admittedly, it is only one — of the obstacles to the renewal of Gregorian chant in the Church’s liturgy is the complexity of the huge body of chant that exists.  Specific prayers and acclamations are intended for each Sunday and feast day of the Church year, and each of them has been set to music.  For some, I expect, it is a daunting prospect to even figure out what music is meant for what day.

The great thing about Jogues Chant is that it solves all those difficulties.  The site provides all of the music for the liturgical year, neatly laid out in a well organized way, with links not only to downloadable PDFs containing the music for each Sunday and feast day (with texts and English translations), but often also to downloadable audio files to help with learning the music.  These resources are provided for both the ordinary and extraordinary forms of the Mass.  It is all available for free, which removes another of those oft-quoted obstacles to the re-introduction of liturgical chant — namely, the cost of buying all the books.

To me, this looks like a terrific resource.  If you’re interested, take a look, and then let your parish’s music director know about it.  I’m going to do the same.

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