Feast of St. Benedict

July 11, 2009

I would be hard pressed to name a saint who is unequivocally my favourite; goodness manifests itself in so many attractive ways that trying to rank them is a fool’s errand.  But whoever my favourites are, St. Benedict is certainly among them.   He stands at the root of a tradition — both cultural and spiritual — that has, ever since I first learned that there were monks in the world, been deeply attractive to me.  Obviously, I have not become a monk myself, but I have learned much from him, and I hope that his influence on me will continue to grow and deepen over the years.

The film Die Grosse Stille (2005) was a great gift to everyone who loves St. Benedict and his brothers.  Here are a few clips from the film to brighten this day.  The first shows a Eucharistic procession through the monastery of Grand Chartreuse (where the film was made).  The second is a clip of the singing of the night office.  The third is an extended excerpt, long enough to begin to hint at the cumulative power of the film.  If you haven’t yet seen it in its entirety, now is the time for action (so to speak).

2 Responses to “Feast of St. Benedict”

  1. jeremylukehill Says:

    Into Great Silence has been sitting for several months among the many unwatched films in my documentary collections, but you have inspired me to make it next on my viewing list.

  2. cburrell Says:

    Excellent choice!

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