The Celebrated Dr. Boli

June 24, 2009

Long-time readers of Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine were delighted when, two years ago today, he decided to move his print publication onto the World-Wide Web.  Today, to mark this happy anniversary, Boli admirers the world over are fastening their cravats, pulling on their spats, and venturing out to one of the many balls being held in his honour.

If, by some misfortune, you are unfamiliar with Dr. Boli’s publication, may I suggest that you pause to peruse the electrical form of his Celebrated Magazine.  Few things could be more convenient, and fewer still more edifying.

Of the features and notices which I have recently encountered thanks to Dr. Boli, here are a few which I judge most helpful and informative:

A brief history of Dr. Boli and his Celebrated Magazine can be found here.

Bottoms up, gentlemen!

One Response to “The Celebrated Dr. Boli”

  1. Tracy S. Altman Says:

    I spent part of my lunch hour falling out of my chair just looking at the “Advertisements.” Thanks for bringing my attention to this!

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