Blogroll changes

June 3, 2009

Over the past few days I have made several changes to my blogroll:

  • I have updated the links to the two primary blogs at First Things.  They made major site changes recently and the previous links stopped working.  Their main blog can now be found at First Thoughts, and their ‘daily article’ at On the Square.  They have also begun hosting several other popular blogs covering their basic beat, including Spengler and Wesley J. Smith’s Secondhand Smoke.  But I don’t link to those from my blogroll.
  • The link to Amy Welborn’s blog, previously Charlotte was Both, now Via Media, has been updated.
  • I removed the link to J.H. Bowden’s Thoughts, Books, and Philosophy because J.H. Bowden removed the blog to which I was linking.  I also removed Geoffrey Chaucer hath a Blog.  Time was when this was one of the funniest blog around, but it has changed management and fallen on hard times.
  • I have added two new links. I’ve been reading Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine for a few months now, and recommend it to everyone.  Posts to Armarium Magnum, a blog which focuses on ancient and medieval history, are not frequent, but they are usually informative and worth reading.

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