Ascension Thursday Sunday night, 2009

May 24, 2009

Once again the Catholic Church in Canada stumbles in perplexity over that misbegotten liturgical and calendrical monstrosity: Ascension Thursday Sunday.  For some background on this festival, you may wish to read this post from last year.  In the meantime, let’s mark the day with a little music.  I remember attending church on Ascension Thursday some years ago (at an Anglican parish) and hearing this piece — L’Ascension, by Olivier Messiaen — played during the recessional.  “Who let the monkey into the organ loft?” I wondered. (I was, as yet, uninitiated into the glories of Messiaen’s music.) Well, this organist is not a monkey, but rather Olivier Latry, organist at Notre Dame de Paris.  Here he is playing the organ of the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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