The first two weeks

April 21, 2009


Today is two weeks since the birth of our daughter.  She is doing very well.  Thank you to everyone who left comments during the last fortnight.  I’ve not had time to respond, either here or through e-mail, but rest assured that your well wishes are much appreciated.  We’ve been having a great time together, the three of us, but tomorrow I must return to work.  I am sorry that this “honeymoon period” is coming to an end, for I have thoroughly enjoyed spending my days, and nights, with her, getting to know her moods, singing her songs, and watching her very expressive face for hours.  But of course it had to end eventually.  Somebody has to put bacon and bread on the table.

For those who are interested, here are two sets of photographs taken during these last weeks:

I hope that there will be a slow return to something like regular posts around here.  I’m doing my best.

2 Responses to “The first two weeks”

  1. Janet Says:

    She’s very beautiful and your wife looks entirely too good for someone who just had a baby. I’m glad you got to spend some time at home. That’s a great blessing.

    AMDG, Janet

  2. Glad the first two weeks have gone well. The fact that you’re sorry to be going back to work says a lot, and is not necessarily typical of the first-time father. 🙂

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