Sunday night Neko Case

March 22, 2009

There’s been a bit of a bug going around this week — a Neko Case bug.  I ran into her at The Daily Kraken and at Korrektiv.  The reason is probably the recent release of a new album, Middle Cyclone, which I have not heard.  But I caught the bug, and I want to post something on the same theme.

I first heard Neko Case at a concert about 8 or 9 years ago.  I don’t know why I decided to go; probably I’d read some good press and the price fit my destitute-student’s budget.  I still remember the first minute of the concert: she came out with her band and I thought, “Wow, she’s pretty.”  Then she grabbed the microphone, threw her head back, and the most amazing sound came out of her mouth.  The hair on the back of my neck stood up, and it stayed that way.  “Wow, she’s fantastic,” I thought.

I still think so, though I don’t know her discography as well as I’d like to.   Tonight, for nostalgia’s sake, I want to post that first song that I heard her sing (“Set Out Running”, from her album Furnace Room Lullaby), but I can’t find a decent version on YouTube.  Instead, here’s an audio-only link.   Sit back, turn it up, and soak it in:

One Response to “Sunday night Neko Case”

  1. Yeah, she’s fantastic. Great writer as well as singer. The only one of her albums that I really know is Blacklisted, and it’s great. I have Fox Confessor but it’s been a victim of the too-much-music syndrome and I haven’t really listened to it.

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