The Karamazovs on screen

March 4, 2009

Having recently finished re-reading The Brothers Karamazov, I began to poke around to discover whether a reputable film adaptation of the book has ever been made.  The answer, it appears, is no.  The only candidate I can find is a 1958 adaptation starring — I am not joking — William Shatner as Alexei Fyodorovich.  Heaven defend us.

Meanwhile, Nick Milne at The Daily Kraken wonders what would happen if Hollywood tried to adapt the book today.  I can’t resist quoting his pitch here:

The Brothers K – It’s an hilarious comedy of “brotherly love” as the three squabbling sons of a cantankerous patriarch (Christopher Walken) come home for Christmas only to discover the old man dead and themselves the suspects! Could one of them really have committed the crime? Was it party-boy Dmitri (Vince Vaughan)? Egghead Ivan (Will Ferrell)? Or holy roller Alexei (John C. Reilly)? It’s a madcap dash through the streets of LA as a host of crazy cops, sexy women, dancing priests and even the army join the Brothers K in the quest to clear their name! With a cameo from Sascha Baron Cohen as the Grand Inquisitor and featuring music from The Pussycat Dolls, it’s the perfect holiday hit for the whole family!

That is all too believable.  There’s more where it came from.

2 Responses to “The Karamazovs on screen”

  1. Nick Milne Says:

    Now now, Bill Shatner was once a serious and even better-than-average actor, back before he became the playful farce he is now. Look to his work in Judgment at Nuremberg (1961), for example.

  2. Janet Says:

    Once I had a dream about my fourth grade teacher, Sr. Mary Denise, I think. In the dream, her face (surrounded by a wimple of course) was all sunburned and swollen. After that, I could never look at her again without thinking of her face like that. I have a similar problem with William Shatner. His Star Trek aura has expanded to cover all he ever did and all he ever will do.

    But I really love your movie idea, Nick. I love to laugh after lunch. I need something to keep me awake.

    AMDG, Janet

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