Strange bedfellows

February 9, 2009

Yesterday we went to a play with some friends.  This was the front cover of the programme:


9 Responses to “Strange bedfellows”

  1. Adam Hincks Says:

    So which one did you see? Or was it a double-bill?

  2. cburrell Says:

    One of the songs I remember best from my childhood:

    Bang, bang
    We love you.
    And, oh,
    What you do!
    Everywhere we go
    On Chitty-chitty we depend.
    Our fine four-fendered friend!
    Our fine four-fendered —
    Bang! Bang!


    But we saw Medea.

  3. Janet Says:

    Not strange at all. You see, Medea was going to kill her children so Dick Van Dyke flew by in Chitty-chitty bang-bang and took them away to a better place where they could have that Truly Scrumptious woman for a mother. And they all lived happily ever after.

    I saw CCBB at the drive-in on a double bill with Psycho. But, thank goodness, I had to leave to get home after about 30 mins. of Psycho.


  4. Ha! (to both the program and Janet’s comment).

    “Psycho” + “Truly Scrumptious woman” = significant psychic stress & desire to think about something else.

  5. cburrell Says:

    No, Medea and Chitty-Chitty occupy different artistic universes, and these attempts to put them together are a waste of time.

    I will admit, however, that when Medea used that machine to make her toast and put jam on it, I had a funny feeling.

  6. Janet Says:

    Y’all really do have me laughing outloud.


  7. Nick Milne Says:

    How did you like Medea? My father and brother saw it a week or two ago and pronounced it excellent.

  8. cburrell Says:

    This was the first time that I have seen a staging of an ancient Greek drama, so it was educational for me. It was a traditional performance, with no attempts to modernize the setting or the action. The production was excellent, as was the acting. The role of Medea is obviously a very challenging one, since she is onstage for nearly the entire duration of the play, but the actress carried it off very well. Jason was played too casually for my tastes — the way he swaggered in I thought he should be wearing cowboy boots and chaps. The staging was simple, just a plaza before a building in the Greek style.

    We went on a double-date with some friends, and it was a little strange to attend this play with two expectant mothers. It was not, perhaps, the best choice from that point of view.

  9. Nick Milne Says:


    My father tells me that at the performance he attended there were a couple of middle-aged ladies who seemed to be outraged that the so-called “play” they were seeing included neither songs nor comedy. Apparently they came around to it in the end, but it seems like an odd initial mistake to make.

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