New symphony from Arvo Pärt

December 23, 2008

I have just learned that a new symphony by the wonderful Estonian composer Arvo Pärt will receive its premiere in January from the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  Pärt’s last symphony, the Symphony No.3, was completed in 1971, so this has been germinating for a while.  I can’t say I have been really enamored of his symphonies before — the first two are crashing modernist works, and the third, though inspired by his immersion in Gregorian chant, was still written before his trademark tinntinnabuli style ripened.  Nonetheless, I like pretty much everything he has written since the mid 1970s, so I look forward to hearing Symphony No.4.

The score has been published in advance of the premiere, and I am told that it can be viewed here.  It must require Javascript though; in any case, I can’t see it with my current browser.  The Universal Edition page for the symphony says it is scored for strings, harp, and percussion, and is roughly 30 minutes long.

2 Responses to “New symphony from Arvo Pärt”

  1. cburrell Says:

    I note with horror that the number of comments on this site has reached 666. I wish to move it forward by one.

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