Exploding whale

August 19, 2008

Speaking of explosions:

In the past week I have set sail through the pages of Moby-Dick, and have developed a (possibly short-lived) interest in sperm whales.  I discovered, for instance, that Melville’s story was inspired, in part, by a sperm whale that attacked and sank the whaleship Essex in 1820.  Anyway, the trail of sperm-whale trivia eventually led me to this bizarre incident:

It would be pointless to add anything to that.

3 Responses to “Exploding whale”

  1. Matthew Says:

    A truly inspired posting. I love how you made a literary reference to justify posting the video. That there whale blew up real good! 🙂

  2. cburrell Says:

    The literary reference was not just to provide justification; the book is actually the proximate cause of my discovering this video. It is priceless footage, isn’t it?

  3. Matthew Says:

    Proximate cause? You read Moby Dick and thought to yourself, “I wonder if there are any videos of exploding whales on Youtube.”?

    Personally, I love the raining blubber.

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