Solitude, solitude

April 26, 2008

My old friend Dan Haight sends me a music video he has made, and I’ve enjoyed it so much that I’m passing it on. Dan and I haven’t seen much of one another recently — separated, as we are, by 3000 km — but we were roommates for two years, and I have many happy memories of the two of us writing poetry, dining off Frisbees, and wandering the streets of Toronto.

The song is called “When I’m Alone (That’s How I Feel)”. He tells me that he and another friend put the video together in a single weekend, which is quite a feat. There are a few problems with synchronization of the music and video, but otherwise it’s a fine piece of work, and the song itself is awfully catchy. The words are nicely done, and admirably illustrate that understated Haightian humour that I remember so fondly.

The song is written and sung by Dan himself. I’d be willing to bet that he also plays the keyboards. I’m not sure who is on the drums and guitar, but I could probably hazard a guess. I’m on less firm ground trying to identify the background vocalists. The really big mystery is when Dan acquired a British accent.

One Response to “Solitude, solitude”

  1. Simon Owens Says:

    Hey Craig,

    I saw your post recently about the “Beware the Believers” youtube video mocking Richard Dawkins and other atheists. I recently got a chance to interview the creator of that video at length and he gave some behind-the-scenes info about working on Expelled and how the youtube video came to be.

    You can find the article over here

    Anyway, I thought this was something you and your readers might find interesting.

    Take care,

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