Canada Reads

March 3, 2008

Some time ago I mentioned that Thomas Wharton’s novel Icefields had been selected as a finalist in the Canada Reads 2008 contest. (For non-Canoodlians: this is an annual event in which Our National Broadcaster, the CBC, chooses a book for “all Canadians” to read. Think of it as a bedtime story from the Nanny State.)

I found out about the nomination for Icefields because my Book Note about the novel, which had been garnering steady hits, got a further burst of life late last year, and when I went web crawling to discover the reason, voila! Canada Reads.

I bring this up today because I hear that last week the contest ended, and Icefields was . . . not the winner. “All Canadians” will apparently be reading King Leary, by Paul Quarrington. It is a book about hockey.

One Response to “Canada Reads”

  1. […] Before today, I did not know that this was the meaning of the word.  Before today, I thought it was a nonsense word.  In my ignorance, I have for several years been using “canoodle” as an affectionate, and perhaps sometimes gently mocking, synonym for “Canada”: “I am from Canoodlia”, “I’m a Canoodlian”, and so forth. I think I may have even used the word in that sense on this web log. […]

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