William F. Buckley, R.I.P.

February 27, 2008

William F. Buckley, Jr. has died. He passed away this morning while at his writing desk. Though I have not read even one of his over fifty books, and do not clearly understand the contours of his thought, I nevertheless admired him from a distance for his eccentric eloquence, wit, and civility, always presented with an air of bemused perspicacity. I am sorry to hear of his death.

Tributes will no doubt be forthcoming from many quarters, not least from National Review, which he founded. The NY Times obituary demonstrates that Buckley’s winsome personality appealed even to his political opponents. To see and hear the man in action, note that Charlie Rose conducted a number of interesting interviews with him over the years, and certain episodes of his television program Firing Line can be streamed online.

Fare forward, traveller.

One Response to “William F. Buckley, R.I.P.”

  1. cburrell Says:

    The first version of this post stated, rather surprisingly, that Mr. Buckley had died while at “this writing desk”. Needless to say, that was an error. (Were it true, the writing on this site would be leagues better than what it is.) He was at “his writing desk”. Mea culpa. I’ve now fixed it.

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