Feast of St. Nicholas

December 6, 2007

Sainte Nicholaes, Godes druth,
tymbre us faiere scoone hus.
At thi birth, at thi bare,
Sainte Nicholaes, bring us wel thare.

— St. Godric (c.1170) —

Seint Nicholas was borne in the citee of Patras and was come of noble and riche kinrede. His fader was named Epiphanus and his moder Iohanna. He was begoten in the furst floure of there age, and sithe after they lived in chastite and ladden an heuenly liff. The furst day that he was born, whanne he was bathed he dressed hym vpright in the basin, and he wold neuer take the briste buy onys on the Friday and onys in the Wednisday, and in his tendre age he eschewed the vanitees of yonge children. He haunted gladli to the chirche, and after that he beganne to vnderstond holi scripture he putte it in werke after his powere. . .

And whanne the bisshop of the citee of Myra deied, thanne the bisshoppes assembelid hem togedre to purveie a bisshop to that chirche. And ther was one among other a bisshop of gret auctorite, and that same bisshop herde same nyght a voys that said to hym atte the houre of matenys that he schuld take good hede to the gates of the chirche, and that persone that furst schuld entre into the chirche, and hight Nicholas, that he schuld take hym and sacre hym as for bysshop. So it fel that atte the houre of matenys bi purveiaunce of oure Lord Nicholas come furst, and anone the bisshop toke hym and asked hym what he hight, and he anone mekely ansuered and said: “Nicholas, servaunt of youre holynesse.” Thanne with gret ioye he brought hym to his felawes, and thei sette hym in his chayer. And like as he was meke and vertues afore, so he was after, and encresed in vertues and graces.

– Jacobus de Voragine, The Gilte Legende
(translation c.1440)

The Consecration of St. Nicholas - Paolo Veronese

The Consecration of St. Nicholas – Paolo Veronese

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