Thanks, Mr. Dylan!

September 11, 2007

Over the past week, in the wake of the announcement of our engagement, congratulations and warm wishes (and expressions of relief) have been pouring in from all quarters. It now seems that even Bob Dylan has visited this web log, seen the happy news, and, as requested, is busily preparing an epithalamion for the occasion. I guess that takes care of the musical entertainment at the reception!

Dylan's letter

Click on the image to see Bob’s message.
(The message is not “Look Out!”)

Thanks, Bob!

(If you don’t know the original video, you can see it here.)

3 Responses to “Thanks, Mr. Dylan!”

  1. Christina Says:

    I LOVE IT!!

    Against all hope, I sing this merry lay,
    That Althea shall take on the wifely way,
    And Craig, upon that happy day,
    Shall become man, though he was once mere clay.
    So God wished it, and so it will be,
    The Curmudgeon and the Fly in holy unity.

    Geez, it’s so hard not to break into song!!

  2. cburrell Says:

    That’s a very fine song, Christina. In fact, I’m delighted by it!

    I can’t help noting that it seems to imply that I am, at present, not a man.


  3. Christina Says:

    It is a play on the words, “man and wife”. “Husband” didn’t really work as well and “man” allowed me to make the link to Adam, “the man who was made from clay”, the first husband – a subtle association to the fact that you will be as good a “man” as God intended the first man to be.

    I thought you’d be more perturbed by the comparison of Althea with a fly – it is a reference to her never-ending hyper energy that seems to make her buzz (though pleasantly) much of the time.

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